Born in a small village in northern Italy, I have always had a passion for the rugged and simple beauty of mountain life.  My youth was spent surrounded by overwhelming examples of human interaction with nature; farmhouses perched high atop majestic cliffs while livestock was grazing peacefully on mountain plateaus, are distinct memories.

My teen years were spent studying languages in both Pisa and Venice with several summers having been spent in Grenoble, France.  It was here that I was exposed to the masterful work of European artisans and sculptors. Weekends were a time to visit museums and local art exhibitions to further my love for this form of expression.   

New Adventures


I subsequently moved to Canada to raise a family and to pursue a successful career as a French teacher for the Niagara Catholic District School Board.  In the final years of my teaching career, I began to explore my art talents.  

Primarily self-taught, my artwork affords me the opportunity to share with others my love of nature and the environment, as well as my views on the beauty and magnificence of our surroundings.   

Sharing My Passion


For the past few years I have had successful showings at the Pelham and Oakville Art Shows where my work is well received by my fellow artists and attendees alike.  I have also been featured in serveral publications highlighting my art exhibitions.

I have also displayed my works at several other venues throughout the Niagara region.  These include, the St. Catharines, Pelham and Port Colborne Libraries, Art’s Place in Port Colborne, and several restaurants and hotels throughout Southern Ontario.  


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Art by Maria

Ridgeville, Ontario